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Bangkok Nightlife for Adults

July 14th, 2015 by kittytrip | Filed under Blog, Uncategorized.

Bangkok nightlife

If you are avid Go-go goers, then you should visit Bangkok at least once in your lifetime. As the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok has a lot of Asian rooms that offers an exquisite one night stand comes with amazing variety of shows and role-plays that will fits with all of your sexual preferences, be it for a straight play or swinging into the same sides. Whatever your desire and passion is, Bangkok nightlife will entertain your adventurous spirit in this beautiful city in Southeast Asia.

Below here you will find various plans to satiate your Go-go goer’s spirit that will addle your brain with sensual pleasure and energizing Bangkok nightlife experience. You can find several other raunchy spots that is available in Bangkok, but we have recommended all these things listed below since they offer an unforgettable experiences and excellent shows that can cater all your needs for a pleasurable night in Bangkok.

  1. Bangkok Ladyboy Show

It is a common secret that the transversities of Thailand are known as the most beautiful trannies in the whole world. The culture even values these transversities which is called ‘katoey’ in Thai will bring a good luck and fortune to their family. This is proven by the play of ‘Beatiful Boxer’ shown on Bangkok Ladyboy show, where it depicts a real life story of a retired kickboxing champion who chooses to be a woman where he is both adored by his loyal fans and feared by his rivals. There are other themes regarding transversities that is shown regularly on Bangkok Ladyboy show, where each and every show is fascinating to enjoy.

Bangkok Nightlife


  1. Raunchy dates in Go-Go Trails

Bangkok is also a notoriously known as den of sexual sins due to many after night clubs and pubs that offers beautiful temptress whose ready to go wild at you for the rest of the night. Several areas such as Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboys, and Patpong have become the hot spot to seek take-home girls that will give you a night to remember on this exotic city. Be sure to watch your money spending though, since there are a lot of overpriced drinks and tourist traps that will render you naked and penniless when the morning comes.

  1. Gay Nightlife

We have discussed that Thailand has a carefree cultural value that even accepts transversities as a sign of good luck in household. This also applies to the homosexual relationship, where a man dating another man and sexual intercourse between ladies are normal custom in this country. Be it gay, transsexual, and lesbian relationships, all kinds of sexual preferences are available to be experienced in Bangkok nightlife.
Your Thai Girl



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