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The Sucessful Transformation Military-To-Commercial Zone of Subic Bay

June 24th, 2015 by kittytrip | Filed under Blog, Uncategorized.

subic bay

There are many duty-free zones available in Asia, where it offer various duty free shops that becomes the targets for the women to splurge their cash for a shopping spree due to no-tax regulation. Most people are familiar with Singapore and Hongkong as the top spot for asianrooms to stay at night and  asianbooking which attracts new visitors in each year, but there are another place that offers the same service with a fantastic blending of nature and modern conveniences. This place is called Subic Bay, which is a freeport zone in Philippines which is located right on the southwest part of the Luzon Island.

Subic Bay is a specially governed by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority , which is widely known as SBMA. They are the forces who maintain the public peace and local markets  which successfully converted Subic Bay from the military base zone into a business and commerce trade zone. Remnants of military barracks and compounds are scattered through the surrounding area which is eroded by the nature that creates a contrast spectacle of buzzing commercial growth within the center part of Subic Bay. As a places where nature wilderness, white beaches, and industrial parks meshes together in one place, Subic Bay offer a huge playground for everyone to enjoy.


Subic Bay in the past

In the past, Subic Bay is widely known as one of the largest naval base owned by the US government, complete with the arsenal production line along with facilities for repairing ship that docked within Subic Bay. It continue to houses the US military naval operation until 1991, where the negotiation to renew the lease contract of the base has fallen due to the US plan to reduce all naval activities in Subic Bay following the ashes rain from the eruption of Mount Pinatubo. The eruption renders various significant military structure to collapse, and efficiently stops all the naval operation within the Subic Bay.

This failed negotiation leaves the bay to be deserted in 1992. At this time, the mayor of Olongapo city, Richard Gordon attempts to revitalize the abandoned military base into a commercial sites to preserve the facilities and properties within the naval base that is estimated about 8 million dollars at that time. With over 8,000 men from Olongapo city along with financial fundings from companies like Fedex and Coastal Petroleum, Subic Bay become the role model of the conversion of military bases after World War 2.


Subic Bay Today

subic bay

23 years have passed since the conversion plan begins, and now Subic Bay has become one of the largest economic engines in Philippines where over than 700 projects and investment plan are pumped within the area. Subic Bay is also known as the 4th largest facility for shipbuilding in the world, where various ocean carriers and transporter ship are produced here by the Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction. It is also become the famous tourism spot for asianbooking to the tourist and expatriates alike to do their business in Subic bay. With its fast growing economy strength and amazing natural reserves, Subic Bay is the perfect place that caters all kinds of visitor in every year.



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